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Suzanne Beavis
Welcome to the works of Suzanne Beavis
Juile Carothers
Kathy Connell
Welcome to the works of Kathy Connell
Angela Deimling
Sharon Frankel
Deb Goldberg
Sandy Hall
I derive great pleasure creating items that others find beautiful, wearble and that they ultimately come to treasure.  To know something that I created has spoken to another on some level provides such spiritual delight.
Rene Hart
I love to create jewelry and handcrafted lampwork beads! Creations from the Hart came about because my friends and family all wanted the jewelry I was wearing. So, I had to start making more jewelry for them! Lucky for me that is what I love to do and it all came form the heart.
Rachelle Johnston
Lucette Jones
Art glass with a twist - combining woodwork with glass.  Lucette hand carves her wood and hand torches her beads.  She offers many unique styles including glass etching.
Mad Kannen
Welcome to Mad's Showcase!  Mad has many talents and really needs to show the world her creations!  She is a master jewelry artisan, a stringer, a PMC designer, lampwork artist, a teacher, wife, mother & on & on... 
Tom Klein
Tom taught English at all levels for almost 40 years and at the same time took art courses to touch that side of his brain that was not stimulated by the far too rational, linear, objective, male activity of analyzing stories and marking student essays.  In all those years of art courses he was looking for a genre that would touch him deeply, and, of course, glass and metal work have done the trick.  Now, I still retreat from life's worries and conundrums to my workshop and make jewelry...lampworking and marrying the splendors of glass beads to the splendors of metals.
Kay Morlock
I hope you too, can feel the passion with which each bead has been created. Each is a unique hand made creation. I hope my creation will become your family heirloom.
Leah Nietz
I have been making beads since July of 2002.  I am 27 years old and married with a 2 year old and a 4 month old.  I'm amazed I still have time for beads. :)
Barb Shoun
I'm married with 3 children and work full time. I only wish I had time to do this full time.  I have to keep working though to pay for my bead addiction.
Chris & Cathy Wile
Wile Collaborations is comprised of two sisters, Cathy & Chris Wile who collaborate to create jewelry.
Diane Zimmerman